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I did not forget about our talk in which I greatly appreciate all the advice and information you shared with me and I wanted to update you on my current decision. I decided to move out of my rental and move back home for a year, save as much as I can so that I can be better prepared for the market. When my year is up I will definitely be reaching out to you as my agent if you will have me. Again thank you for everything including your time, you definitely made a huge impression on me and I will not forget it! Have a blessed day and look forward to working with you in the future.

- Terra Taylor

My consultation was awesome!!! Very informative she answered all of my questions with very detailed answers! She made sure I understood the process and even has reached back out to me to ask about my progress! She is definitely going to be a great realtor to work with and I will be sending her referrals! I have never met a realtor that takes such interest in her potential clients! Thanks for your efforts and I look forward to working with you!

- Shiquilla Stanley

Ms.Tisha Lawrence was most unexpected in such a beautiful manner. Ms.Tisha is idealistically in her specific specialized field, so even though she was unable to help me, which any case she actually did. Ms. Tisha went out her time and way of compassion looked up some places online, she fed me well with so much more pertinent information which ultimately will help me in the near or long term future. As well as any goals I may have. Also, Ms. Tisha likes to get to know the people in her communities she is speaking with, and little bit about them so she knows how to better service in any way possible. The wealth of information was great. Appreciate her time.

- Tanisha Green

Excellent seminar, very informative, engaging, and timely. Thanks for your service to our school community!

- Vanessa Ware

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